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All Japanese emoticons on this page belong to the category Animals & Nature and the subcategory Animal Mammal.
They have alternative names such as Cat, Pet.

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Common cat kaomojis

Grinning cat kaomojis

Grinning cat with smiling eyes kaomojis

Smiling cat with heart-eyes kaomojis

Cat with wry smile kaomojis

Kissing cat kaomojis

Weary cat kaomojis

Crying cat kaomojis

Pouting cat kaomojis

Examples of using Cat Kaomoji

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Relevant emojis

As an alternative to kaomoji, use emoji for devices for devices that support Unicode emoji characters and sequences.

Emoji Code Emoji release Unicode release
🐈 U+1F408 Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😺 U+1F63A Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😸 U+1F638 Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😹 U+1F639 Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😻 U+1F63B Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😼 U+1F63C Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😽 U+1F63D Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
🙀 U+1F640 Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😿 U+1F63F Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
😾 U+1F63E Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)
🐱 U+1F431 Emoji version 1.0 Unicode 6.0 (2010)

Top 10 kaomojis

The table below shows the popularity of each kaomoji, which is counted as the number of copies of kaomoji by visitors to this page.

# Kaomoji Popularity
1 ( ˘ ³˘) 0%
2 ~(=^‥^)_旦~ 14%
3 ( ╥ω╥ ) 0%
4 ( =ω= ) 0%
5 ( =ω=)..nyaa 0%
6 (/ =ω=)/ 0%
7 (= ; ェ ; =) 0%
8 (=^-ω-^=) 81%
9 (=^・ω・^=) 0%
10 (^◕ᴥ◕^) 0%

Cat Kaomojis: Adorable Expressions For Every Occasion!

Are you a fan of cute cat kaomojis? Whether you love cats or just adore the kawaii aesthetic, there's no denying that these emoticons are quirky, fun and full of personality. From playful expressions to sleepy faces, there's a cat kaomoji for every mood and occasion.

Cats have a special place in our hearts, don't they? They are adorable, mischievous, and full of personality. Whenever we see a cute cat, our hearts melt, and we can't help but smile. That's why cat kaomojis have become so popular—they capture the essence of these furry companions in a simple yet charming way.

One of the most popular cat kaomojis is the (^._.^)ノ, which features a friendly cat waving its paws in greeting. It's perfect for saying hello to friends or just showing some love on social media. If you're feeling a little sassy, you might prefer the ( ˘•ω•˘ ), which shows a cat with a mischievous grin. It's a great way to express a sense of humor or a playful attitude.

Another popular cat kaomoji is the ( =ꈊ= )ノ゙, which shows a cat with its paws raised in a cute and playful pose. It's a fun way to express excitement or happiness, and it's especially popular among fans of the kawaii trend. If you're looking for something a little more formal, you might prefer the ( ㅇㅅㅇ❀) which features a well-groomed cat with a sophisticated air.

No matter what your mood or personality, there's a cat kaomoji that's perfect for expressing yourself. From quirky and playful to cool and sophisticated, these emoticons are all about celebrating the creativity and diversity of the cat-loving community. So go ahead and share your favorite cat kaomoji today; it's certain to put a smile on anyone's face!

You can choose from some of the most adorable cat kaomoji to brighten up your day:

  1. /(≧ x ≦)\ This kaomoji captures the excitement and surprise of a cat. It's perfect for expressing enthusiasm or astonishment.

  2. (=^・ェ・^=) A classic cat face that depicts a cute and curious expression. It's an all-time favorite among cat lovers.

  3. ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ) The "ฅ" symbolizes a cat's paw. This kaomoji represents a playful and happy kitty, ready to pounce and have fun.

  4. (^・x・^) When a cat is feeling mischievous, this kaomoji is the ideal choice. It showcases a cat's cheeky side and playful nature.

  5. ヽ(^‥^=ゞ) Here, the cat appears shy or bashful, with one eye closed. It's a perfect kaomoji for when you're feeling a bit coy or cute.

  6. ( =①ω①=) This kaomoji portrays a cat's face with big, sparkling eyes. It's great for expressing excitement, surprise, or joy.

  7. (=^-ω-^=) A simple and sweet kaomoji that represents a contented and relaxed cat. It's ideal for conveying a sense of tranquility.

  8. \(^▽^@)ノ When a cat is feeling playful and energetic, this kaomoji with raised paws is perfect for capturing that lively spirit.

  9. (=。_。=) Sometimes cats can appear a bit sad or melancholic. This kaomoji conveys a touch of sadness mixed with cuteness.

  10. /(=・ x ・=)\ Finally, this kaomoji portrays a cat with its ears flattened down, indicating surprise, fear, or shock.

These cat kaomojis are just a glimpse into the world of feline expressions. They bring a sense of playfulness and warmth to our conversations, making them purrfect for cat lovers like you! Feel free to use these kaomojis in your messages or social media posts to spread the joy and cuteness of our beloved furry friends. Meow! (=^-ω-^=)

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